Guarding Expert For PC Windows 10, 8, 7

The world is full of diverse knowledge and innovators are forcing technology to bite the dust. The world changed from heavyweight mobile phones to lightweight smartphones. Big weird Computers are now changed into smart and handy devices.

We all have a concern about our home security cameras when we are away from home. New apps developed to solute this problem, still, it is hard to find which meats our necessary.

Remote apps help us to control our security cameras. Long ago there was no solution to use this app on our personal computer. As Emulators developed this issue is resolved and kissed a new way of innovation.

About Guarding Expert for PC:

There are few apps which shines among all, guardian expert is one of the best apps in all of them. The guardian expert is available for both mac and windows. This app helps you to remote your home, hotel, office or any place where you placed a camera. This app use surveillance, DVR, IOS platform-based device or any wireless network to remote your home with the live stream.

Shiny Feature of Guarding Expert is that it can capture pictures and record videos.These videos and pictures can be stored anywhere.


Features are not limited in this app. Guarding app is considered as best remoting app from some last years. Ease in use, no of users and space of app are some normal criteria to put any app top in the list. Here are some top features of this app.

  • Stream your CCTV camera through a guardian expert. Monitor its own and simple layout to view streaming.
  • High-resolution support, It can support:
  1. 480800
  2. 480854
  3. 960540
  4. 1280720
  5. 8001280
  6. 19201080
  • This app can monitor 4 channels or cameras at the same time. This point separates and adds it to premium flow.
  • Not only you can stream video through this app, but that app will also aid you to capture pictures and record videos. You can store these videos and can make changes to it.
  • Like a professional mode camera, you can pinch out or pinch in the video. This feature is very rare in remote apps.
  • The user’s face is very simple and easy to use.No technical implementation to work with this app. Simple install and go with the manual.
  • Brightness and calibration are customs. That will provide you with ease to change camera settings manually.
  • The device number is huge. You can manage up to 256 devices with this app and this is a big number as compared to other apps.
  • Wifi,2G,3G,4G services supported
  • It is easy to create a profile and manipulate each thing in these profiles manually. Ptz control of camera also observed

Features are not limited to these points. These features are shiny features of this app, you will find a lot more while using this app.

Downland and Installation

There is no way to download this app directly on your computer. However, emulators are working best to solute our issue. There are a lot of emulators available but some are known for their ease and less legging ability. There are two ways to download it.

With Bluestacks

  • First of all, we need to download Bluestacks (emulator) on your pc.
  • Click here to download Bluestacks for pc, and allow run prompt to install exe file. If asks for license, accept it and allow it to download.
  • After installation of Bluestacks, now you have complete access to google play store.
  • Click on the search bar as you do on your smartphone. Type ”The guardian app for pc”.After confirmation by screenshots, click on the app to download.
  • The app will be downloaded in your pc, now you can install with one click. Control it like your android phone.

With Nox Player

  • Nox player is another emulator and alternative of Bluestacks. You can use this emulator to install the app.
  • Simply click here to install this emulator on your pc.
  • After installation, you will see google play store within this emulator. Click for an app search in the bar.
  • Type ”The Guardian expert” and click on the icon to download and install.

Troubleshooting with Emulator

There can be some glitches during installation. Here are some recommendations to follow to prevent them.

➊ Make sure your computer has a decent storage capacity. Usually, 4 to 8 GB is the recommended space. Check if your pc has 20Gb storage.

➋ The old version of GPU drivers can also cause some issues or delay in download.

➌ Here are two simple solutions to them:

➍ Update direct x11. Update .net Framework as some users experienced it works well in their cases.

➎ Check BIOS of your computer and ponder over VT-x. This step will improve or fix any issue in Nox or bluestacks.

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