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Jasi Patcher, an alternative to Lucky Patcher, is an Android automated patching tool that bypasses app restrictions for the user. Designed for Android users, this patching application is famous for its functionality and usability. It has gotten quite famous for its valuable features and the developer is getting a lot of praise for his efforts.

Like us, you must have been tired as well, from all the ads and in-app purchases that interrupt a user midway through the task. Marketers play smartly asking users to see ads or make an in-app purchase to unlock certain premium sections or features. To get ahead, users view ads or buy premium items half-heartedly as there is no other option.

What if we tell you there is an option, a user can say no to this kind of exploitation, with Jesi Patcher. This problem is being faced at a colossal level, marketing giants are chasing every opportunity to force users to view ads and make in-app purchases.

We have all been there, right in the middle of a game or halfway through an important task, an ad or prompt to buy a certain item pops up, a user has to view or purchase to continue. We dedicate this post to freeing the user from all the intrusive ads and forcefully buying applications, tools, and games. Stay with us to know more.

What is Jasi Patcher?

Loaded with custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoof, hooks, tools, and utilities, Jasi Patcher is designed to bypass restrictions of app and game so a user is not interrupted with annoying prompts.

Developed by Jaspreet Singh, an Indian Developer, this Android automated patching app is inspired by Lucky Patcher, the services provided by this app are patches, removing ads, tools, utilities, and offline server emulation.

This advanced utility tool intended for in-app purchases hacks gives access to unlocked premium features and items. It is surely capable of working wonders for Android. Many users have already tested this patching tool.

Jasi Patcher

It works on rooted devices so ask for root permission before proceeding to install this application, if the user owns a non-rooted device, he is advised to download Jasi Patcher No Root.

Is it Safe?

Is Jasi Patcher safe? It is a third-party app, so, it can not be fully trusted. Third-party apps are not checked or sourced by Google so their credibility is questionable.

Often users complain about third-party apps containing viruses, which makes Jasi Patcher susceptible. Also, third-party apps fail to update regularly and users have to download different versions, separately, when the apps get updated.

There is a reason users trust Google Play Store, they do not want to put their device’s safety and security at risk by third-party apps.

Features of Jasi Patcher

What we have told you earlier about Jasi Patcher was just a mere glimpse of the app’s features, we will tell you more about what this wonder application is capable of doing.
Bypasses paid restrictions by removing ads and in-app purchases.

  • Customizes apps by managing or removing fonts, graphics, interface, languages, and other application components.
  • Emulation of in-app purchases and spoof model number, brand name, IMEI number, and WiFi MAC of the smartphone.
  • Features an in-built application manager, Android optimizer, and cleaner.
  • The android cleaner works to catch partition, catch-all apps, wipe Dalvik cache and wipe unused Dalvik dex with one click.
  • App manager includes clear data, uninstall the app, backup the data or file, kill apps, and restore APK.
  • This complete license emulation tool also features an App debugger.
  • Allows users to take backup and restore app data.
  • Equipped with an ad blocker and many reset modes.
  • Virtual Xposed is obligatory for this app to work for non-rooted devices.
  • Enable light or dark mode as per your choice.

How to Download Jasi Patcher?

Jasi Patcher is not available on Google Play Store so download via third-party websites. You may counter many websites with damaged and malware-affected links which only brings trouble. To fix this issue, we will be providing the reader a trusted download link.
Download the latest setup of Jasi Patcher by pressing the download button. Modded version of this app is downloaded through the given link.

After enabling unknown sources, click the downloaded file to begin the installation.
Agree to terms and conditions and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

Download Requirements

  • For this app to work, the following requirements must be met.
  • A rooted device with an Android operating system 4.0 and up.
  • Go to Android security settings, scroll down to ‘Unknown Sources’ and activate it, if disabled.

Putting it all together, Jasi Patcher is an application for those Android users who are tired of paid restrictions in the games and apps. Save your money as this app removes paid restrictions from many apps. Good Luck!

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