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Magi + Magic Video Editor For PC: If you love to make a video like a superhero that has many effects used in it and we seem it in different places like on television or on a laptop. Magi is the editing app that not only makes videos for you with different effects but also edits your pictures by adding some superhero effects. If you are looking to download and want to use it on a PC.

Unlikely it has only the android version but doesn’t worry at all keep reading this article. We will guide you step by step that how you use these best android apps for PC on your Windows. We always provide our users with the best and virus free apps here goona we discuss in detail the features of the magi editor app.

Magi Features:

Although many of the other apps provide you with a lot of features magi not only provide the features but also provides a guideline that how you can use it with your video. Keep reading we will discuss the features of magi below.

Superpower effects like energy ball, ninjutsu, transformation, flash, magic shield, control magic and more.

  • Natural Power effects like wind, fire, thunder, lightning, water and more.
  • Disasters effects like tornados, earthquakes, meteors, floods and more.
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasyeffects like mechs, UFOs, aliens, dragons, robots, armors and more.
  • Weapons effects like missiles, rockets, drones, flamethrowers, nukes and more.
  • Vehicles effects like trucks, cars, helicopters and more
  • all these are the features of magi that they provide to his users but note that some of them are paid and some of them are free to use.

How To Download Magi + Magic Video Editor For PC:

There are two methods to use magi in pc. Either you want to use magi via Bluestack or use via Nox Android Emulator [Official web:].

Install on Windows

Method 1:

Use must have an android emulator for that like Bluestack as we discuss in our previous blog post.

  • After download Bluestack, you must have to log in using a Gmail account and after successful login search for the magi app by putting a query in a search box.
  • After seeing the magi app click on install and wait for the completion of this step.
  • After successfully install use it in your pc.

Method 2:

Method 2 is you can also use this app by using the NOX app player.

  • Nox app player is like a free cross-platform android emulator.
  • After successfully download run NOX player and login via an email.
  • Step 4 is simply searching for magi using the search box.
  • After successfully searched click on the magi app and install it in your pc for use.

What’s New in Magi +?

  • Notification: Magi will send you a notification when a new update is launched on any effect.
  • Update new features in magi.
  • All the bugs have been fixed after an update.


Final wording about this best editor app is if you want to make your videos with different effects like if you want to add an effect of fire on your hand you can easily add this and this app not provide you with the effect but also guide you that how you can make such type of effect with your video although many of the effects others app provide you, magi bring some extra features for you, so go and use this best editor app.

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