Motorola Device Manager Free Download [2020]

Download Motorola device manager for your PC Windows. To manage and organize your Motorola devices in all the ways. This page you are land is all bout to provide neet information about Motorola device manager.

Let’s discuss in detail what actually it is? How you can download it? What are the system requirements? And last but not least how does this work to manage your Motorola smartphones.

What is Motorola Device Manager?

As the name tells it all, but here I am going to explorer this in my way. The very basic is to manage your Motorola devices over PC.

You can connect your Motorola to Laptop or desktop Windows. It works first to make sure the connectivity and after you will able to enjoy the features.

Motorola Device Manager comes with USB drivers and connectivity software. This will help you with the connectivity and to perform other tasks.

Like these are in the below lines you will going to know about. It plays a vital role in updating the firmware of the Mobile phone.

So let me explain further the details and its key features. In the down coming lines you will have simple checklist.

Key Features:

Check out the pros, and mainly available functions. That were are managing them is a vertical row along with simple description.


An auto-installer gives you free installation. It can easily install once you download the complete setup. Run the setup to open the installation wizard. So this will let you install device manager software automatically.

Easy Un-installer:

If you wish to uninstall the software anything, you would able with simple uninstaller option.

Update Motorola Devices:

So, you can do check and apply updates for the operating systems of the device. Download and get the latest updates when a new version of firmware is available.

Let you update the firmware and state your Motorola phone up to date.

Motorola USB Drivers:

It also contains the USB driver that will handle the connectivity problems raising. While you connect your Mobile to Computer, This USB driver will be the bridge for this connection.

Download Links:

Here is the latest version of Motorola device manager software. One-click download and quick installable on your PC. Do support below windows OS and the basic requirements for the installation.

Windows Version:

Motorola Device Manager >> Download For Windows v2.54 (Latest)

MAC OS Version:

Motorola Device Manager >> Download for MAC OS v2.2.9 (Latest Version)

Basic Requirements:

Motorola Device Manager System Requirments
System Requirements

Minimum system requirements to install Motorola device manager on PC. Here is the quick list.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • All with 32 bit and 64-bit compatibility.
  • MAC OS support download is also available.

Final Words:

That’s the thing we have to know and now you are also familiar with all information. To Download and use Motorola device manager, read the above paragraphs carefully first.

Then you would move around to further tasks that you wants to play with this manager.

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