MSM Download Tool v4.0.58 For Oppo Vivo

MSM download tool serves as a flashing tool for Oppo and Vivo devices. This all android flash tool flashes stock ROM. No download tool is released by Oppo and Vivo to flash Stock ROM.

But this MSM download tool can flash stock ROM without taking your mobile to the mobile repair shop.

The installation process can be a hard egg to crack for a new user. After a few tries, one can get their hands in the tool.

What is a flashing tool?

For a beginner, Flashing is removing or updating the current system software or putting a new OS/another Version in your device. It is like rewriting the software to cater to your needs.

Why do you Flash your phone?

Flashing gives you customization and a whole lot of features with the removal of bloat-ware from your phone.

  • Flashing is categorized into two methods
  • Full Flash
  • Partial Flash

Full Flash:

Full flash is when you change your mobile operating system completely or update or downgrade a different version on your phone.
Flashing revokes a mobile’s warranty.

Partial Flash:

Mobile phones are locked with a particular cellular network. Partial Flash refers to changing of a cellular network to a new one. Partial Flash lets the user use an old phone with a new network.

What is the Stock ROM?

Stock ROM is the official software installed by the manufacturers that come by default for Android Mobile and Tablets. Customized Versions designed by the manufacturer makes the device unique in terms of look and features.

Unlike Custom ROM, Stock ROM does not revoke the warranty of the device.
It comes with pre-installed apps that may attract some users. Sometimes those apps do not fit the user’s interest and are seldom used by them.

Is MSM Download Tool Free?

Yes, this tool is free to download. Latest version can be downloaded to flash a71,a7,a37f, a3s, F5,a71 2018,a37fw and other Oppo and Vivo smartphones.
Pre-Conditions of downloading MSN Download Tool

Before flashing your phone with the MSN Download tool, the following requirements are to be met for successful reprogramming.

Back up Data:

Flashing will erase all your data in the internal storage. Be it images, Videos, Documents, Business Data, or any downloads. Backup your data before flashing if you do not want to lose any of it. Remove SD Card when flashing to save the important data.

Device Battery:

Charge your mobile before starting the process. At least 50% or above battery is required to top off the process.

USB Cable:

The device needs to be connected to a PC or Laptop. Therefore, a USB cable is needed to do the job.

Installation on Computer:

MSM download tool is downloaded on the computer to carry out the flashing process.

Android USB Drivers:

For your Android device to be picked up by the computer appropriate USB drivers need to install.

USB Drivers are needed in any type of operations like rooting, debugging, unlocking the bootloader, etc where mobile is connected to the computer.

What are the steps involved in installing the MSM Download Tool?

Five steps are involved in the installation of MSM Download Tool.

First Step:

The first step involves downloading and extracting all the needed files.

Second Step:

In the second step, install two files on the Computer

PDAnet.exe file

CodeMeterRuntime.exe file

Third Step:

The next step involves the selection of a License File. Open CodeMeter Control Center to download the said file.

Fourth Step:

In this step, import the license file and go to the Oppo_MSM_Download_Tool_None_Lic 2020 from the extracted folder.

Fifth Step:

In the final step, if the “License Activated” message appears on the software window, that means you have successfully managed to activate the tool.

After successful completion of all steps and License Activation message you can begin the flashing process. Some warnings and errors may appear during the process which confuses the new user. After some attempts, you’ll manage to do it.

How to Flash Stock ROM on Oppo Devices?

Follow these seven steps to Flash Stock ROM

The first step involves in Flashing is downloading and extracting the required Oppo Stock ROM.

Secondly, navigate to the extracted folder and run the MSMDownloadTool V3.0.exe as an administrator.

  • After running the MSMDownloadTool V4.0.exe as an administrator, an option will appear to load the firmware.
  • Now turn off your device.
  • Continue pressing the Volume Up Key button.
  • In the next step, mobile is connected to the computer using USB Data Cable.
  • To begin the flashing process, click on the start button. Wait till the installation process is complete.
  • Once the “Download Complete” message appears on the screen, unplug the phone from the computer.
  • Now Restart your device.
  • Warnings that appear when Flashing Stock ROM with MSM Download Tool
  • Some errors appear when carrying out the Flashing process via MSM Download Tool.
  • We have listed a few warnings that you may face while flashing.
  • “Connection Timeout” is the most frequently appeared warning.
  • Even when your computer has an internet connection. It shows the status offline.
  • The start button would not work sometimes.

An error that often appears is “You must use authorized accounts such as A3S, F9 F7, F5, etc..”

Another warning in the list is to fix MSMDownload Oppo A71 Qualcomm Snapdragon Connect Timeout.

Alternative to MSM Download Tool:

SmartPhone (SP) Flash Tool is a powerful flashing tool that has helped many in flashing their devices to have amazing features and better performance. This software was developed by MediaTek Inc for easy flashing of MTK android versions. It features
Flashing Android Stock ROM and Custom ROM (scattered based).

Application to fix devices that are not powered on or functioning properly (Bricked Devices).

  1. Format Android MediaTek (MTK) based devices or smartphones.
  2. Testing and verifying Memory
  3. Aids in reading and writing parameters on the device.

This is a complete guide offering you maximum aid in the flashing process. From downloading MSM Download Too, Flashing Stock ROM to errors shown in the process we have laid out all the important information for your help.

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